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Theater review: Avenue Q

July 24, 2010

Puppets. Profanity. Purpose. (Today’s review of Avenue Q is brought to you by the letter “P!”) Playing now through August 15 at the Lansburgh Theatre in downtown Washington, DC, the Broadway musical Avenue Q had the audience laughing out loud and letting loose at the decidedly non-PC antics of a talented and engaging cast.  A show not-for-kids, I would call it a must-see for adults who know how to laugh. The show came highly recommended by all friends who had seen it, and I strongly agree – GO SEE IT!

Musical highlights include: “It Sucks to be Me,” “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist,” “Schadenfreude,” and “The Internet is for Porn.”  If those titles sound amusing and intriguing, you’ll love the show. If you’re blushing and not sure if you can handle mature themes and R-rated puppets, well, you’ll probably enjoy Mary Poppins, currently playing at The Kennedy Center.

Besides the giggle- and guffaw-inducing adult subjects and music, what makes Avenue Q so enjoyable is how real it is. The actors, through the puppets, lay forth in raw, honest emotion the heartaches, yearnings, pains, and struggles of the human experience, with plenty of wit and humor.  You’re not just laughing at the puppets’ antics – you’re laughing at yourself, and your friends and neighbors.  Having your eyes opened to the humorous side of difficult or taboo subjects and experiences is a relief – a big stress-relieving catharsis.  And most of us could likely use a good laugh right now; I know the show lifted my spirits and made my week.

And even better, Goldstar is offering steeply discounted tickets! Only one performance date is showing availability right now, but they’ve been periodically adding new dates. (Disclaimer: I do receive a tiny credit towards future service charges if you purchase tickets through the above Goldstar link. But I would recommend the show and discounted tickets regardless!)

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  1. Uncle Bill permalink
    July 24, 2010 2:46 pm

    I like it.

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