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Looking for a new staff person or short-term project consulting? Hire me to help your nonprofit organization, small company, or personal venture with online communications and marketing, social media, writing/editing, development/fundraising, office management, admin/accounting, data management, and related needs.

What sets me apart?

Broad range of experience

I’ve worked in political, small business, and non-profit environments.

Wearer of many hats, I can easily fit in with and comfortably work across different organizational departments. My experience helps me to “see the big picture” and “connect the dots,” while delving into details and strategies of nonprofit and advocacy communications, as well as financial, data, and business processes.

Commitment to mission

What mission? My personal mission is to create lasting, positive social change through innovative use of communication and technology, connecting people and growing movements. Throughout my career, I’ve demonstrated a commitment to working with people and organizations whose culture is a great fit with my personal values. I value human rights, economic fairness, an open and democratic political process, environmental stewardship, science, technological innovation, arts and culture, and generally being a “good citizen” of my community and the larger global community.

“Proven skills,” trusted team member

“Grace came into my small business in an entry-level position, and after proving herself to be very capable she took on additional responsibilities in accounting and later in marketing.

While she has the proven skills to be a trusted member of an accounting team, her outgoing personality, affinity for making and nurturing connections, and her growing understanding of online marketing made her most valuable in that role…I recommend Grace as a key contributor on any team, whether it is a marketing team or otherwise.” – David Deal, CEO & Owner, Community IT Innovators

“Grace did a fantastic job of capturing the voice of CITI and translating our culture to the web. She was instrumental in helping us get our social media and web metrics up and running.” – Rob Jackson, (former) VP of Business Development, Community IT Innovators

“Grace contributed greatly to Community IT Innovators (CITI) with her financial, administrative and marketing skills. She demonstrated commitment to our clients and was passionate in helping them achieve their social mission goals…Grace possesses solid analytical and writing skills, and she would be a wonderful colleague in any organization.” – Ann Corran, Controller, Community IT Innovators

Get in touch!

Email me at gvc.wdc (at) gmail dot com for more information on my professional background and availability.

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